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Whether your goal is to simply get in better shape, learn basic self defense, or compete in the ring, I encourage you to try this class! We provide training for men & women of all fitness levels.

Where and How...

Training available 6 days a week

Classes Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6-8:00 pm

All levels and ages

Personal training available

Sat morning circuits coming soon

Thousands of square feet, several rings, heavy bags, speed bags.

Sanctioned Combsport boxing club

Greg Harrison

Greg has been involved in kickboxing and boxing for 24 years as a competitor, coach, corner man and judge. As a competitor Greg fought in 12 pro boxing fights and 2 amateur kickboxing fights throughout BC, Alberta, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. He was trained coached, cornered, and traveled with dozens of amateur and pro fighters, while helping hundreds of beginners get started in boxing and kickboxing. For the past decade Greg has focused on training boxers both male and female. He still judges at many local events and corners pro boxers, however his passion is to help new and experienced boxers compete in the ring.

The Harrison boxing program is based on some very basic principles. It develops a high cardiovascular level of fitness to help perform techniques properly, but most importantly the program is based upon the theory "Have a strong mind, you will have a strong body." Greg believes whether you think can or think you can't – you're right!

Boxing is a very hands on sport that will give all students a very real sense of what self defence and self offence are about. It takes away any false sense of security and gives self confidence from what you learn and develop into.

The Harrison boxing style outlines basic footwork, sound lateral movements and powerful hands.

Basic Footwork:

  • Using small steps with sharp angles that's allows you to maintain optimal balance for both offence and defence.

Sounds Lateral Movements:

  • This uses your legs to reduce upper body movements while still providing enough safe distance to slip punches and maintain balance.

Powerful Hands:

  • We eliminate wasted movement while still using the body to generate power for punches. The most powerful punch is the one that connects.

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Greg Harrison of Harrison Boxing, a trainer in Canada said, “After seeing the recent Cotto-Martinez fight I've decided there are three parts to this fight. First, Cotto fought a sensational fight. He looked possibly better than I've seen him ever look. He got back to what he's good at with the left hook, rolled punches nicely and walked down Martinez for the bulk of the fight. Second and equally as important was all the Martinez factors leading up to the fight. He wasn't willing to make any excuses so I'll lay out a few for him. Between the shoulder, hand and most him importantly his knees, he most definitely wasn't the Sergio of old; the one who moved for 12 rounds and caught people trying to catch him. Seven months on crutches for a 39 year old that relied on moving is a death sentence. I'm not sure any amount I warm up would have helped him in this fight with his recent history. Third is what the future holds. Cotto has a great win under his belt and if he stays at middle weight it will be much harder to hold the belt than it was to win it. I'm hoping to see him try but don't bet your money on him in a big name middle weight bout. As for Sergio I truly hope pride doesn't get the best of him. It's a terrible way to end your career but it's even worse to hold on and try again. Let it go and be proud of what you accomplished. Thanks for the memories."

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